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Docking Station for Dynavap

Docking Station for Dynavap


We are excited to introduce our newest product, the Dynavap docking station.  


The Docking Station is designed for when use at home and enjoying your Dynavap and need something to place it on after heating and repacking it for the next use.  The Docking Station comes with a lid that attaches to the base with 4 sets of magets which will keep your vape safe when not in use.  It also has a 1/2" diametrical magnet installed.  The Dynavap Docking Station wood options for this product are alder and walnut wood. 


It is possible to customize and personalize the Docking Station like all of our products. 



  • Specificatons and Features

    The Dynavap Docking Station consists of a lid and base piece - held together by 4 sets of magnets in the corners of the wood.


    The dimensions of the Dynavap Docking Stations are 5" x 3" x 1".


    Dynavap M's and XL Dynavaps will fit in the trench of the Docking Station. The trench is 112 mm long and 1/2" wide


    All Docking Stations come with a 1/2" diametrically magnetized magnet to place your dynavap on and a small hole that is 3/8" wide to stand your dynavap in while refilling it.


    Each Docking Station also has a small bowl to deposit the AVB (After Vaped Bud) that is 3 3/4" x 1 5/8" x 3/8".


    This, like all of our products, are made in Las Vegas, Nevada


  • Engraving and Personalizations

    We are excited to now offer custom engraving and personalization to all our products.


    For an additional $10 we are able to engrave simple additions - initials, short phrases or simple images.   If interested, please leave a note when purchasing and we will reach out to you through email if we need more information.


    If you have a more complex request, please reach out to us before purchasing and we will work with you to bring your idea to life - hopefully we will be able to turn your idea a reality.


    Engravings and personalization's may mean your order will take longer to complete. Depending on your request, we may need to design and test out your vision before adding it to our product.

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