Koala Puffs Rig Stash Box

Koala Puffs Rig Stash Box

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We are excited to offer our second box with Koala Puffs!  It was conceived and designed by Koala Puffs with you, the user, in mind.  She wanted a box that would be able to store and protect your rig, while also making it easy to transport.  This is our first box that can store your glass and pipes safely and it makes a great addition for anyone with a rig.  

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  • Specifications and Features

    This box was built for users of pipes, bongs and dab rigs.  It is handcrafted from alder wood with a clear lid to see into. 


    The box dimensions are: 10 1/2 in. x 7 1/2 in. x 11 in.


    The box stands 11 inches tall and will hold pieces up to 9 inches tall with the tray inside of the box and 10-inch pieces when the tray is removed.


    This box, like all of our others, comes with a removeable tray.  It sits at the top of the box and will help you keep all of your tools and products organized. The tray also conveniently sits inside of the lid when it is open.


    We added a small shelf inside of the box to hold bangers, carb caps and bowl pieces.  


    Also,  we have added a soft rubbered wire to hold your piece in place when it is inside of the box.  If you wrap the soft wire around the neck of your piece, it will hold it up even as the box is transported.


    And to help with transporting your box, a leather strap is included!

  • Lid Paintings and Customizing

    Like all of our boxes, it is possible to customize the lid of your box.  We have some lid paintings that we have used on other boxes and will fit them to this box if you are interested or if you have your own design we will do our best to accommodate you.


    This limited edition Koala Puffs Rig Stash Box comes with the Koala Puffs logo but because the lid is clear you can still see inside!


    And all of our boxes are available in black - just select the option when checking out.

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