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One Hitter / Dugout

One Hitter / Dugout


A new addition to our line-up of smaller cases is our One Hitters.  It is perfect for the on the go individual who may want to smoke but does not necessarily want to carry around and smoke an entire joint. 


Like all of our products the One Hitter is made by smokers, for smokers, so there is always a little bit more thought put into our products.

  • Features

    The features of our cases include:

      - A lid that is capable of closing off both sides of the One Hitter separately, allowing you to remove your bat or chillum without spilling any product;


      - Are cases have a hole with 97 mm of depth and are 1/2 inch in widthso you can change up the pipe, bat or chillum you use with the case;


      - We also added a 1/4 inch, 67 mm deep, poker/tool hole that allows you to have an item that will help clean out your bat or break up the smashed product with. 


      - The product chamber is about 3/4 in. long and 42 mm deep allowing for ample product to be stored inside of the case.

      - Also a bat and poker come included with the case.

  • Specifications

    The dimensions of the case are

      - 4 1/2 in. x 2 1/8 in. x 5/8 in


      - a 42 mm Product hole


       - a 97 mm deep, 1/2 in. wide hole to hold your chillum, bat or pipe; and


      - 67 mm deep, 1/4 in. wide hole to hold a tool or poker


    The lid is attached with a metal screw and all cases come with a metal poker and aluminum bat.

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