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Specialty and Rare Wood Cases

Specialty and Rare Wood Cases


These are some of the examples of the specialty cases that we have already built.  If you like what you have seen in our other cases but want us to change the type of wood or even make it bigger to hold a lighter and 4 joints, then this is where you should start. 


We are always willing to customize our work for our customers because we want everyone to be able to make our cases their own. 


If what you want is a simple change in color and dont want to tweak our designs, then please specify below when you're purchasing. 



  • Customizations

    We have always allowed for people to tweak our boxes in order to make them just how they would like them.  So now we are offereing that with our new Joint Holders, One Hitters and Dynavap cases.


    You can do things as simple as asking for different kinds of wood to be used in building the case, or for us to add extra magnets and even ask us to wood burn designs or words into the wood. 


    We have already added extra thickness to cases.  Made the holes wider, deeper and added more of them to the case.


    The pictures you see are only a few examples of the ways we can modify the cases.

  • Specifications and Features

    We can not give specifications for these cases because that will be detirmined by you the customer.

    You can use all three of our current layouts and there sizes:

    - we offer the One hitter;

    - we offer the Standard case that holds 2 full size joints or blunts depending on the size you choose;

    - we also offer the Dynavap case that is built to work with the Dynavap M and Dynavap XL.


    Also please feel free to design your own case, that is how this company was built.  However the more complicated the request then the more likely that there would be an additional charge.


    All of our cases are made by hand and with only solid hardwood, and built in Las Vegas, Nevada.



  • Building of Your Case

    All of these specialty cases will be built to order.  We do ask that you pay for the custom item in full before we build it, but you can always cancel your order at any time or if you are not happy with it. 


    Once we have spoken and confirmed exactly what you want then we will get to work in building it for you.  It usually only takes 2-3 days to build a case correctly.


    After your item is finished being built, we will reach back out to you to confirm that what we built is what you want.  Then when you have confirmed the work we will send packaged and shipped your way. 


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