Starter Storage Box


This box is the ideal size and layout for a beginning user who doesn't have as many tools or accessories as the veteran, but still wants to keep everything in a neat space.  It is slightly smaller than the standard box but still has ample space.  Included are removable tray's and tools for added convenience.  The box is made out of solid Western Red Cedar

Style of Box
  • Specs and Features

    The inside layout of the box is 8" x 7 1/2"

    The lid is made with a strong plexiglass that is durable and tough enough to set things on.

    Included is a removable rolling tray that lets you use your box while not having to take the entire thing with you.  This has its own removable tray as well and also will hold your tools.

    Each box comes with 4 tools.  A wooden scraping tool, a metal tool for hot objects, a small wooden peg and a cigar splitter.

    It has different compartments under the tray to help you keep yourself organized.  They are divided by a 1" high wood piece.

    The lid is held at 90 to 95 degrees by two golden quadrant hinges.

    The box is made out of Solid Western Red Cedar.


  • Artwork and Painted Boxes

    If you would like one of our original pieces of art hand painted on the the lid of your box, it will come at an additional cost, but really makes your box one of a kind.  We will only be doing a 100 paintings of each design on lids, so get them while you can. 


    You also have the choice to get your box and tray painted matte black.  The matte black finish gives our boxes a whole new look and feel.  Boxes painted matte black will use a different wood.


    You can always combine a black matte box and one of our original lid paintings


    The lyrics include songs by various artists that I've listened to while making and using these boxes.


    You can combine either of the paintings on the lid with the box being painted matte black

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