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 I started making these boxes and really got into woodworking simply because I couldn't find another product like it.  I looked through shops and small trinket stores for something that would hold and help me keep all of my accessories in one place, but only found boring, basic boxes.  I had recently started getting into woodworking in my garage so I decided try and make a box on my own, something that would be perfect for what I needed.  The first attempts were far from perfect; so bad that I don't like to think they existed; but those dozens of failures helped me get better.  Without learning from each mistake, seeing what worked best and listening to what people said they always wanted in a box, I would not have been able to build and start selling the boxes and other items I do today.

Boxes are not the only item that will be sold here.  Moving forward I hope to start selling other woodworking items that are as well built and designed as our boxes are.  Also I hope to start selling my paintings, the originals of what are painted on the boxes and other original pieces by myself and other artists. 

                                                                    -Jared Relyea

Woodshop at night
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