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Tips, Care and Maintenace


       We have designed every inch of these boxes and built them in a way we think smokers will find convenient.  After 2 years of using them every day and listening to what other users of our boxes have said, we have come up with some tips to help everyone get the most out of their box.


  • When breaking down product, try to do so on the trays outside of the box.  It will help keep your box clean.


  • It is best to keep your most used items on the larger removeable tray, so you don’t have to keep lifting it out to grab or look for items. 

  • Pick a good spot for your box.  It is better to leave it in one place and then use your trays to move around with. Also, try to find a spot that isn’t in sunlight for most of the day.

  • We have included 4 small tools with every box that we have found very useful.

    • Scraper - To use on the smaller tray to help keep your hands clean;

    • Peg – Useful to help pack joints and blunts;

    • Metal Dab Tool – Can be used for dabbing but also to clean out bowls; and

    • Splitter – Perfectly cuts cigars open.


  • Pipes – Try to only keep them in your box if they are clean, they can sometimes give off an odor if they are not that. 

  • Jars – Find jars that you like and that fit well in the box and reuse them.  Preferably something darker or with a black top to keep the light out of the jar.  We like to keep our jars in the back row of the box so they are easily accessible.

  • Small Scissor and Brush - Over 2 years of using these boxes we have found that a small brush and scissor can be quite helpful.  You will always find things that need to be cut and the brush will help you clear debris out of your box, keeping it clean.

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Care & Maintenance

         The better care you take of your box the better and longer it will last you.  We use only the best materials so the boxes will always stand out and maintain their beauty over time.  We do a couple different things to help keep our own boxes clean:

  • Wood cleaner – Pick something that specifies it works well on wood.  This will help keep your box free of dirt and oils that can leave marks over time.  This will ensure that our custom woodworking l will last you for years

  • Cleaning the Lid – Any kind of glass or window cleaner will work to clean the lid of the box.  If you have a painting on your box, be sure to not rub too hard because over time you may remove some of the paint. 

  • Compressed Air Can – This is helpful to get any small debris or dust inside of your box out.  Be sure to empty your box out of your tools and accessories before spraying the air in.

  • Small Brush – Sometime debris can build up in the corners of the different compartments.  A small brush can be helpful to dig it out of corners.  Then a can of compressed air will be able to blow it out easier.

  • Hinges – The screws may loosen after repeated use.  If you ever notice that they are loose just tighten them back with a small Phillips screwdriver

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