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Lid Paintings

       Before taking up woodworking, my hobby was painting.  I wanted to put something on the walls of my house, but did not have much money to buy any kind of art.  So I decided to try and paint on the walls myself.  I liked what turned out and kept going.  Now the walls of my house are covered in my own art work. 

       As I started getting into woodworking more and trying to start this company, it felt natural to incorporate my own artwork into the boxes and other projects. Painting the lid allows you to customize your box and make it your own.   I am always willing to try and create something to make this box yours.  The following paintings are what we have made so far and are available to add to a box immediately.


       If you would like to add a lid painting when purchasing your box.  Select the option when adding your box to your cart and leave a note of which painting you would like and we will add it for you!  


Called - SilencedHippie

-We have teamed up with Sasha the Silenced Hippie for this piece

-Hand Painted


 Called - 4:19 59

- Hand Painted

- You can add this painting for FREE

- Can change the color of the paint

Add initials to any box for FREE

- Hand Painted

- We can change the color of the paint

Muriah smoking edit.jpg

Called - Women Lost in Thought

This was created by Alaina Rose and is our first collaboration

You can find all her work at


Called - Dope

Inspired by ProducerTrentTaylor

Stash Box.JPG

Called - "Stash Box"


Called - Smoking Lyrics

It is possible to change the lyrics 


Called - Dripping Flowers


Called - Long boarding Lyrics

It is possible to change the lyrics

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