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Travel Tray

Travel Tray


New to smoking? Not quite sure if youre ready for one of our larger boxes? Or do you just want a box thats ideal for travel and you want to roll something when you're on the go? Then our Beginner / Travel box is what you're looking for.  We have reworked this box and improved upon the first version.  We added magnets and elastic strips to hold everything in place and extra height so you can fit more items inside of it. 


An added feature of our new Beginner/Travel Tray is that it fits right inside of our Standard box; so when you are ready to upgrade you can purchase the Standard Box at a discount and pop your current tray right in!

  • Specs and Features

    This box is more of a tray with a lid.  It's convenient if you're on the go or just want to be able to take it outside with you.  It's also great for beginners to the smoking world who don't have many accessories but still want to keep their things organized in a refined place.


    The Box is essentially the tray from our Standard Box with a lid attached.

           -It is 9 1/2 in. X 6 3/8 in. and 2 in. tall.


    All of our normal tools are included;



            -Wooden Peg


    A removeable rolling tray is included and attaches to the box with a magent so it will stay in place and not shift around while you are on the go


    We have added magnets to the lid and base as well so that the box will remain closed. 


    Also we added 2 elastic bands so you will be able to keep lighters, grinders or other items in place, and not shifting around. 


    Our Beginner/Travel Tray is also avaible in the Matte Black finish.



  • Upgrade

    If you are interested in a larger storage box but don't know if you have enough stuff or are quite ready for it yet, then this box can be a great stepping stone.


    It fits neatly into the Standard Storage Box and you can purchase the larger box at a discount because you won't need the tray that it normally comes with.


    The lid will also help keep any product fresh that is left on the smaller removeable tray inside of the box.


    The box will always be a convenient travel tray.







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